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Skywings is a full colour monthly magazine published by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Ltd to inform, educate and entertain those in the sports of Paragliding and Hang Gliding.

BHPA members receive a printed copy of Skywings Magazine each month through the post, as part of their membership subscription package. But if you're not a BHPA member you can still receive printed copies of Skywings each month by taking out a Skywings magazine subscription, or you can purchase back issues of our printed magazine through our on-line shop.

A Skywings Index is published every year. This lists all the features, flight tests, competition reports, letters and safety items that appeared in the magazine that year.

A selection of past articles is also available for download on our Skywings Archive page. These are provided for historical interest. Links included in these articles may no longer work and some articles may contain technical advice or information that has been superseded. Pilots should therefore interpret older material with caution.

Skywings On-line

In addition to the printed version of Skywings magazine, we also publish an electronic version which can be viewed on-line or downloaded as a pdf document.

This is an add-on service, and the printed magazine will continue to be delivered each month to all BHPA members and Skywings subscribers.

Each issue is password protected for six months, before being made freely available without the need to login.

The login for each of the password protected issues is published in the printed magazine of the same cover date, together with the login for the following issue. This enables members to access the latest electronic issue of Skywings magazine as soon as it is published, rather than having to wait for the printed version to arrive.

Skywings On-line Magazine

Password protected electronic copies of Skywings magazine are listed below:

No login is required for the following electronic issues of Skywings magazine:

Skywings issues last updated: 7 Nov 2020


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